Songs of The Summer: If you Are a Dope Ass Women

Written by: Imani Hightower ( @theeimani )

Edited by: Brittnay Cooper ( @bee_michele)

Hello there ladies, I decided it was necessary to share what has been making me shake my ass and feel all these summer vibes! Although I make a playlist for every mouth ( my MAY the summer be lit playlist on iTunes happens to be my favorite right now) I just needed to share some of the dopest tracks I’ve heard this summer. Some you may be tired of by now but I need everyone to see the bigger picture and REALLY GET THE MESSAGE TO EACH AND EVERY CHOICE. So here goes nothing:

1. Nice for what -Drake First of all, Drake always knows what he is doing and how to make a female anthem. This song is literally dedicated to women while begging the question “ NICE FOR FUCKING WHAT?” All year around we bust our ass’ doing the GOT damn thing WITH LITTLE TO NO CREDIT( shout out to the hardworking ladies, in school, job, paying bills, taking care of dumb ass boys( we will talk about that later sis) and grinding mommas! We see y’all! ) We wear our emotions on our sleeves and we ensure the goodwill of all of those around us while putting our feelings to the back burner. NOT THIS YEAR.This summer it is different. Drake just confirmed that it is ok to leave him on read sis! Drake confirmed that after the first date, if you do not see a future with his ass that you can simply laugh and move on with your life as an UNAPOLOGETIC GIRL. This song reminds us to take every picture that makes our ass look the best, okuur?! So in the number 1 spot we give it to drake and like he said Sorry but not sorry.

2. Homebody - Lil Dirk Now every female has a thug side and a freak nasty side. It either takes the right fit, right man or the right break up to allow her to realize it. Whether she admits it or not is totally and 100% her choice. For Me a good song blasting through the windows in the middle of the summer with a base so deep that it makes you think you yourself are a true thug from the Bronx like our beloved Cardi B, is homebody by our baby daddy because he does not seem like husband material , lil dirk. Although we are out here living our best lives ladies, dirk tells you of the nasty Lil homebody he likes. I think it’s safe to say we are all “homebodies” when there is someone worth staying home for.  Dirk gives us this twist of a thug nasty ghetto love and let me tell y’all I am here for it. I’ve never been one to allow a man to call me a bitch but dirk makes you want to just be a little bad ass vixen and be called one in the sexiest way, if you get what I am saying.

3. Chin li- Nicki Minaj

So who better than the queen to allow us to look in the mirror and remind us who we are ? Nicki receives the number 3 spot because according to her, “ She has been on”. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of how much of a BOMB BADASS we are. Juggling multiple jobs, going to school, dealing with kids ( if you have a boyfriend or significant other they fall under this category most of the time), dealing with bills and all while maintaining a great physique and balancing a social life. Sometimes we need a little reminder of WHO WE ARE LADIES. We have been able to count on Nicki to do this since she has come into the game and why would it be any different this summer ?

4.Icy Girl- Saweetie

This new girl on da block came on the scene and made it winter again. This song takes it back using the beat we all know and love Khia’s “my neck my back” but puts a new twist to it. 2018 is the year of the modern day woman, and the modern day woman DOES NOT CARE. Let me specify DOES NOT CARE TO BABY AND CARESS THE EGO OF THE MODERN DAY MANCHILD. Icy girl lets these mf’s know just that. Sis let you know she is about HER money, HER future, HER bag, HER life and anything that involves HER. This is an appropriate summer anthem for all the boss ladies on their grind. Thank you for this anthem SAWEETIE.

5. Lady lady - Masego

This song may not be mainstream but it very much is a anthem. Although we are on our own wave, this sultry song will give you standing on a rooftop in Brooklyn with a nice cold glass of Rose’ , while your natural or exclusively bought inches blow in the wind. Masego is a newer member on my iTunes library but he has yet to disappoint. This song is for those ladies who may have that special someone and have been in their bae vibes. Masego reminds us how any man who is GRACED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO EVEN KNOW US, should feel. Lady lady gives me safe vibes but from a man. Is that possible? Did I really just compare any living breathing creature to the MUVA of all MUVA’s? I did , and just in case he ever reads this , Mr.Masego no you do not give me feminine vibes, however your vibe is one that is untouched and truly appreciated. Thank you for reminding us single women who may have just finished dealing with a MANCHILD what it truly should feel like when a MAN loves a women.

Some of these tracks you may know and other can be foreign, but I would encourage you all to listen. FELLAS. When it comes to having the ultimate wingman all you need is the right playlist , so thank me later by cashapping me a little something something $theeimani .

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