You know us for being the realest, now let the realest monetize your soicial media presence from views to revenue. Hire our team of "mogul-media-millennials"to create exactly what you need.


  • Consultation

    • Realishh Media has access to a network of over 10,000 people consult with us today and let us alter what package(s) are best for you to monetize your social media presence.


    • Access to a Senior Publicist

    • 1 event curation

    • Social Media Management

  • GOLD

    • Access to a Senior Publicist

    • 1 event curation

    • Social Media Management

    • Contracting for partnerships.              (certified by Yale Law)



    • Access to a Senior Publicist

    • 1 event Curation for business

    • Social Media Management

    • Contracting for partnerships              (certified by Yale law)

    • Advertisement to over 10,000 possible new clients

  • Post Curation

    • Allow us to tell us story for your brand or your product using our amazing graphic abilities. Drive sales, traffic and even follows with our unique and creative post creation.

  • Media Placement | 

    Paid Promotion

    • Realishh averages 36,000 impressions weekly through our social media presence. That is 36,000 opportunities to get your brand seen and acknowledged.

    • With our media placement we guarantee to increase your audience by 2% with one week of the partnership.

  • Copy Writing

    • Creativity is in the ball of the pen and our team are gladiators with pens. 

    • Allow us to create witty, eye catchy and influential writing for your website, social media or even products. With our in-house writing & editing team we will market you through creative writing and copy.

  • LLC & Formation developement

    • Have you been simply running your business without the proper documentation? allow us to create your LLC and formation papers as well as SCHOOL YOU on the many benefits of owning an LLC.

  • Promotional Video Creation

    • Create a promotional video for your audience to highlight your brand and services. We will use video from past events to put together a correlation which best