There comes these random times during the day when we catch ourselves in a daze because our dreams start appearing in your mind during your PR journalism class. After years of being afraid. After years of putting off the thoughts and ideas and real ideologies about life, love, being a woman, being a black woman, money, society and the list goes on (for a very long time) I have finally decided to share my voice. I am just like any 20 something year old girl struggling to be me while still maintaining sanity. Realishh is a blog and vlog of all of these things and so much more. Here you will be able to connect , hear my voice, the voice of other young women from all different walks of life. I feel that my hardships, my success and life experiences are not just mine. This is an outlet for everyone. For motivation, inspiration and whatever else you need for the soul.

aBOUT Realishh

OH, so you decided to go for it?


Senior Publicist

Imani Hightower 

A 24 year old native of Jersey City, New Jersey. Imani received her dual undergraduate degree at The University of Southern Mississippi in Public Relations and Philosophy. At the age of 21, Imani founded Realishh as a Female empowerment platform. Realishh has now grown as a media platform where she currently represents several Public figures, has raised $15,000 plus dollars for various organizations and continues to grow. The work of Realishh has been featured on media outlets such as Good Morning America, Hattiesburg Inquirer, The shaderoom and many more.

A Message from Imani:

"I just wanna say how humbled I am to have the opportunity to inspire so many different people. Life has had a funny way of teaching me some hard lessons. I have cried I have laughed but thru it all I AM STILL HERE. God is so good and life is so beautiful. Everyday give yourself an opportunity to feel, to fail and get back up. I will continue to always bring the real and share my stories to teach and inspire. I AM NOT PERFECT, but if I could help one person I would feel like I did something.

As I live my life and go thru heartbreaks,staying up all night to study for annoying test, getting told I am not good enough by jobs and dancing my ass off at bars; I will continue to be me. Thank you to all my supporters and without you all I am nothing. Thank you for believing in me and I promise to remain true. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to me on YouTube. And as long as I am here and breathing please never feel alone. I am no therapist but I know what it feels to be alone, and like no one cares. Please reach out. Peace Love and chicken grease"



Brittany Cooper -  @bee_michele

My name is Brittany Cooper. I'm a traveler and thrill seeker, a bibliophile and documentary lover, a foodie, a goofball, a hustler, and a black queen. My goal in life is to learn and experience as much as possible and help others along the way. Some immediate goals are becoming conversation in another language (Italian or Spanish) and learning photography.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from
Rutgers University - Rutgers Business School. I spent a semester abroad in Rome, Italy, which allowed me to travel throughout Europe and see the world from a different perspective. I'm passionate about anything that gives me joy or helps me grow - spiritually, professionally, emotionally, etc.

My hope as the Editor-in-Chief at Realishh is that you find our content relatable and helpful. I hope we can be your safe space, your community, your mentors, and your sisters. We want to nurture you in any way we
can, so I promise, we'll always tell it like it is.

Quotes to Live By:
" You get in life what you have the courage to ask for."

- Oprah Winfrey

"You can't fall if you don't climb, but there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground."

- Unknown